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The Michigan Assessors Association's Awards Program recognizes individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the Association and the Property Tax Administration Profession

Awards/Scholarships Committee

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Do you know someone that stands out in the field of assessment administration? Now is your opportunity to nominate your colleagues in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments.

The Michigan Assessors Association recognizes persons, groups or agencies each year for outstanding contributions they have made to the assessment profession.

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Award Categories
Most Valuable Member (Ernest "Ernie' Beren Award)
MOST VALUABLE MEMBER AWARD (Ernest "Ernie" Beren Award)

This award to be presented to the MAA member who has, over a period of years made a significant contribution to the association through participation, activities, and has made an outstanding contribution to the realization of the goals of MAA.

Eligibility and Criteria:
  • Candidates must be a regular member of MAA.
  • Current officers and Executive Board NOT eligible.
  • Candidate criteria may include, but not be limited to: The candidate has served in an elected position of MAA, as a committee chair, as a contributor in MAA education, or as a speaker at MAA conferences, seminars etc.
  • The candidate has a record of distinguished publications in professional literature.
  • The candidate has been active in other assessor/appraiser organizations.
  • The candidate has served on other public related service related organizations; on national, regional, state or local government study commissions, committees etc.
Literary (Frank Moss Award)
LITERARY AWARD (Frank Moss Award)

This is to be presented to the author of articles adjudged to contribute the most toward the improvement of assessment administration.

Education (David Bone Award)
EDUCATION AWARD (David Bone Award)

This award is presented to the person who has contributed the most in the field of education as related to assessment administration.

Subscribing Member (David M. Heinowski Award)

This award is presented to the MAA subscribing member whose contribution during the past year(s) has been so worthwhile as to demand recognition. This individual's contributions may have been in the area of writing or speaking on equalization, assessment administration or general taxation. The individuals may have also distinguished themselves by contributing to the goals of the organization through the contribution of time, effort, talent, and resources to furthering the goals and objectives of MAA. The recipient shall be the outstanding MAA subscribing member who exemplifies selfless service to the field of assessment administration.

Michigan Property Tax Achievement Award

This award is given to a person or group (who is not an assessment administrator) or a public agency(which is not an assessment or revenue organization),that has made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of property tax administration and the realization of the goals of the MAA.

Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award

This award is conferred on a state, county, or local assessment agency that has instituted a technical, procedural, or administrative program which is, for the affected jurisdiction, an improvement over prior programs, and which is generally recognized as a component of model assessment system and a contributing factor to equity in property taxation.

Eligibility Criteria:
Open only to government assessment/revenue agencies, which have instituted a program as described in the two years prior to nomination, the results of which have proved to be successful.

  • Public information programs are eligible for this award.
  • Programs that are eligible include, but are not limited to:
  • The agency has implemented a program of measuring/evaluating assessment performance by conducting assessment=sales-ratio studies, performance audits, etc.
  • The agency has implemented computerized/cost effective assessment procedures.
  • The agency has began a tax mapping program.
  • The agency has required tax assessor certification, continuing education, etc. and
  • The agency has created an assessment standards division to conduct performance audits, issued guidelines/manuals, provides current awareness services to professional staff, etc.
Distinguished Service Award (President's Award)

This award is presented by the MAA President to an individual or individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the association in the past year.

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2019 Award Recipients

There's only one thing more exciting than receiving an award and that's the pleasure of watching someone you nominated receive recognition!

Who do you know that deserves recognition?

2019 Ernest Beren Most Valuable Member Award

Ruth Scott

MAA Webmaster 0 500 Article rating: 5.0

In 2018, there was a strong initiative in the legislature to drastically change the way Assessment Administration was done in the State of Michigan.

This initiative seem to come from sources who were not familiar with the profession and involved input from very few stakeholders. Ruth Scott became the leader of many assessing and property tax professionals, along with the Legislative Committee, who worked hard to educate and inform the legislators on the issues of the time and did so with great professionalism....

2019 Robert Eckhart Subscribing Member Award

David M. Heinowski

MAA Webmaster 0 451 Article rating: No rating

For 60 years we have benefited from many leaders who have given over 30 years of continuous service to our organization and profession that defines us as a professional organization.  

Mr. David Heinowski epitomizes this type of leader. For over 40 years, Mr. Heinowski has been both a regular and subscribing member of this Association. He has served 17 Presidents as the Subscribing Non-voting Advisory Member on the Board of Directors bringing a wealth of institutional knowledge, insight, and advice. David has served on numerous committees and is the only subscribing member to ever chair the Conference Committee. ....

2019 David Bone Education Award

Timothy Schnelle

MAA Webmaster 0 484 Article rating: 5.0

Before his recent retirement, Timothy Schnelle has served the assessment and property tax profession for over 30 years in local, county and state capacities. During those 30 years, Tim has developed, instructed and presented programs on numerous assessing topics for organizations such as the Michigan Assessors Association, International Association of Assessing Officers, Henry Ford Community College, and many local and regional professional associations.......

2019 Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award

City of Detroit

MAA Webmaster 0 477 Article rating: No rating

Chief Assessor, Alvin Horn Accepting on Behalf of the City
The problems that plagued the City of Detroit’s Assessment Division reflected the turmoil that had affected overall city services for quite some time. Lack of resources, retirement of key staff without replacement, antiquated business practices, and a database in a state of override since 2003 contributed to a situation where the values on the city’s assessment roll bore little resemblance to the actual market conditions at the time. In addition, the morale of the division’s staff couldn’t have been lower. State Tax Commission (STC) guidelines suggested a ratio of one staff member for every 4,000 parcels in a unit. In 2014 the City of Detroit had 419,236 real and personal property parcels. The city’s Assessment Division has a total complement of 34 employees which included only six real property and one personal property appraiser..