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Michigan Assessors Association

Past Presidents

2020-John Dahlquist, Assessor, City of Trenton 1989-90-Donald Loranger, Assistant Assessor, Clinton Township
2019-Paula Jastifer, Assessor, City of Grand Rapids 1988-89-Diane Lee, Senior Commercial Appraiser, City of Lansing
2018-Amy L. DeHaan, Assessor, Garfield Charter Township *1987-88-Maxine McClelland, Supervisor; Big Rapids Township
2017-Ruth Scott, Director, Jackson County 1986-87-Laurence E. Howe, Director, Livingston County
2016-Matthew Schmidt, Assessor, Shelby Township 1985-86-Laurence E. Howe, Director, Livingston County
             -John Petosky, Assessor, City of Grand Haven
2015-Margaret Ford, Assessor, Monitor Township 1984-85-Charlotte A. Brosseau, Assessor, Highland Township
2014-Linda Stevenson, Assessor, Van Buren Township 1983-84-David G. Jager, Director, Lenawee County
2013-Scott Engerson, Assessor, City of Grand Rapids 1982-83-Leonard Kutschman, Assessor, Avon Township
              -William Parsons, Assessor, City of Mt. Pleasant
2012-Denise Chalifoux, Assessor, City of Grand Haven *1981-82-George McEachran, Director, Wayne County
2011-Dwayne McLachlan, Assessor, Pittsfield Township *1980-81-Ernest E. Beren, Assessor, City of Southfield
2010-David Rowley, Assessor, City of Mt. Pleasant 1979-80-Robert R. Lupi, Assessor, City of Ypsilanti
2009-Phillip Chalifoux, Assessor, City of Grand Haven 1978-79-Howard Meredith, Assessor, City of East Lansing
2008-Sherron Schultz, Assessor, City of Livonia 1977-78-James E. Wacker, Assessor, City of Saginaw
2007-Bonnie Lynn Ordus, Assessor, City of Dearborn 1976-77-David M. Bone, Appraiser, City of Detroit
2006-Martin Marshall, Director, Lenawee County 1975-76-Francis E. Moss, Director, Eaton County
2005-D. Glenn Lemmon, Assessor, City of Novi *1974-75-Donald J. Holland, Assessor, Shelby Township
2004-Therese Zaborowski, Assessor, Sault Ste. Marie 1973-74-Kenneth Rudolph, Assessor, City of Cadillac
2003-Deborah K. Ring, Assessor, City of Kentwood *1972-73-Wayne C. Johnson, Assessor, City of Ann Arbor
2002-Kurt A. Dawson, Assessor, City of Rochester Hills *1971-72-Gerald Ernst, Assessor, City of Lansing
2001-Karolynn Pargo, Assessor, City of Dearborn Heights *1970-71-Charles Morley, Director, Wayne County
2000-Evelyn Markowski, Assessor, Blackman Township *1969-70-Howard McDougall, Assessor, City of South Haven
*1999-Richard Brook, Assessor, Muskegon Township *1968-69-Robert Tefft, Assessor, City of Saginaw
1998-Matthew Raftary, Manager, Wayne County 1967-68-Eugene D. Lloyd, Director, Monroe County
1997-Lee Wilson, Assessor, Garfield Township 1967-Frank Warden, Assessor, City of East Lansing
1996-Dean E. Babb, Assessor, City of Farmington Hills 1966-Armede Hungerford, Director, Genesee County
1995-C. Jan Markowski, Assessor, City of Jackson 1965-Kenneth E. Way, Assessor, City of Plymouth
1994-Gary Evanko, Deputy Director, Wayne County *1964-Kenneth Greer, Assessor, City of St. Johns
1993-Joyce Foondle, Assessor, Emmett Township *1963-Harry Phillips, Assessor, City of Highland Park
1991-92-Daniel Bolle, Director, Antrim County 1962-Howard Ledbetter
1990-91-Victoria Enyart, Assessor, City of Mt. Pleasant *1961-Clarence M. Theilman, Assessor, City of Grand Rapids
  *1959-60-Robert Marsh, Assessor, City of Ypsilanti

* Indicates Deceased Member

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