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Past Award Recipients

The Michigan Assessors Association's Awards Program recognizes individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the Association and the Property Tax Administration Profession

Awards/Scholarships Committee

Sharon Frischman,Chair
Phone: 517-483-4136
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Do you know someone that stands out in the field of assessment administration? Now is your opportunity to nominate your colleagues in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments.

The Michigan Assessors Association recognizes persons, groups or agencies each year for outstanding contributions they have made to the assessment profession.

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Award Categories
Most Valuable Member (Ernest "Ernie' Beren Award)
MOST VALUABLE MEMBER AWARD (Ernest "Ernie" Beren Award)

This award to be presented to the MAA member who has, over a period of years made a significant contribution to the association through participation, activities, and has made an outstanding contribution to the realization of the goals of MAA.

Eligibility and Criteria:
  • Candidates must be a regular member of MAA.
  • Current officers and Executive Board NOT eligible.
  • Candidate criteria may include, but not be limited to: The candidate has served in an elected position of MAA, as a committee chair, as a contributor in MAA education, or as a speaker at MAA conferences, seminars etc.
  • The candidate has a record of distinguished publications in professional literature.
  • The candidate has been active in other assessor/appraiser organizations.
  • The candidate has served on other public related service related organizations; on national, regional, state or local government study commissions, committees etc.
Literary (Frank Moss Award)
LITERARY AWARD (Frank Moss Award)

This is to be presented to the author of articles adjudged to contribute the most toward the improvement of assessment administration.

Education (David Bone Award)
EDUCATION AWARD (David Bone Award)

This award is presented to the person who has contributed the most in the field of education as related to assessment administration.

Subscribing Member (David M. Heinowski Award)

This award is presented to the MAA subscribing member whose contribution during the past year(s) has been so worthwhile as to demand recognition. This individual's contributions may have been in the area of writing or speaking on equalization, assessment administration or general taxation. The individuals may have also distinguished themselves by contributing to the goals of the organization through the contribution of time, effort, talent, and resources to furthering the goals and objectives of MAA. The recipient shall be the outstanding MAA subscribing member who exemplifies selfless service to the field of assessment administration.

Michigan Property Tax Achievement Award

This award is given to a person or group (who is not an assessment administrator) or a public agency(which is not an assessment or revenue organization),that has made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of property tax administration and the realization of the goals of the MAA.

Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award

This award is conferred on a state, county, or local assessment agency that has instituted a technical, procedural, or administrative program which is, for the affected jurisdiction, an improvement over prior programs, and which is generally recognized as a component of model assessment system and a contributing factor to equity in property taxation.

Eligibility Criteria:
Open only to government assessment/revenue agencies, which have instituted a program as described in the two years prior to nomination, the results of which have proved to be successful.

  • Public information programs are eligible for this award.
  • Programs that are eligible include, but are not limited to:
  • The agency has implemented a program of measuring/evaluating assessment performance by conducting assessment=sales-ratio studies, performance audits, etc.
  • The agency has implemented computerized/cost effective assessment procedures.
  • The agency has began a tax mapping program.
  • The agency has required tax assessor certification, continuing education, etc. and
  • The agency has created an assessment standards division to conduct performance audits, issued guidelines/manuals, provides current awareness services to professional staff, etc.
Distinguished Service Award (President's Award)

This award is presented by the MAA President to an individual or individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the association in the past year.

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Ernest "Ernie" Beren "Most Valuable Member Award" *
*Previously know as the Edward Kane Award (1988-2018)

1979 Edward Kane
1980 Francis E. Moss
1981 David M. Bone
Laurence E. Howe
1983 Ernest E. Beren
1984 Gerald Ernst
1985 Paul Creevy
1987 Howard Meredith
1988 William Knapp
1989 George McEachran
1990 Edward Young
1991 Maxine McClelland
1992 Joseph Goluban
1993 Don Bailey
1994 Rollin Anderson
1995 Shirley Norman
1996 Joyce Foondle
1997 Dave Reiser
1998 Robert R. Lupi
1999 Gary Evanko
2000 C. Jan Markowski
2001 Victoria Enyart
2002 Matthew Raftary
2003 John Johnson
2004 Dean E. Babb
2005 Phil Bertolini
2006 David G. Jager
2007 Robert O. Vandermark
2008 Deborah K. Ring
2009 Vicki Riedel
2010 Martin Marshall
2011 Phillip O. Mastin III
2012 Dan Kirwin
2013 Ted Droste
2014 Timothy Schnelle
2015 Karolynn Pargo
2016 Ernest E. Beren
2017 Dwayne McLachlan
2018 Fredrick W. Morgan
2019 Ruth Scott
2020 Amy L. DeHaan
2021 Shila Kiander
2022 Laurie Spencer
2023 Beth Botke


Francis E. Moss "Literary Award"

1989 Joseph Goluban
1990 Kent County
1991 Gerald Ernst
1992 Harold Anderson
1993 Dave Reiser
1994 Tom O'Bryant
1995 Dennis Platte
1996 Bonnie Lynn Ordus
1997 Timothy Schnelle
1998 Kevin O'Malley
1999 Frederick Chapman
2000 Ted Droste
2001 City of Portage
2002 Sam J. McKim
2003 Greg Zamenski
2004 Deborah K. Ring
2005 Michael Lohmeier
2007 Joe Turner
2008 City of Farmington Hills
2009 Timothy Schnelle
2010 Mickey Knight
2013 Philip O. Mastin III
2014 Phil Bertolini & Rob Scripture
2015 Matthew Dingman
2016 Cindy King
2017 Joe Turner
2018 Rosemary Anger
2022 Timothy Schnelle


David M. Bone "Education Award"

1988 Robert O. Vandermark
1989 Donald Godreau
1990 Laurence E. Howe
1991 Matthew Raftary
1992 Dennis Platte
1993 Eli Robinson
1994 Bill Fowler
1995 Dr. Al Story
1996 C. Jan Markowski
1997 Matthew Raftary
1998 Deborah K. Ring
1999 Dr. Lynn Harvey
2000 Rich Brook
2001 Vicki Reidel
2002 Sherron Schultz
2003 David Rice
2004 Phil Bertolini & Dwayne McLachlan
2005 Colleen (Brook) Maki
2006 Peggy Pirhonen, Deb Barrow & Linda Rushton
2007 Joanne Peoples
2008 Lisa Hobart
2009 Evelyn Markowski
2010 Roger McCarty
2011 Lynne Houston
2012 Linda Stevenson
2013 Kristen Sieloff
2014 Robert Brandmier
2015 Michael Galligan
2016 Sandy Birkenshaw
2017 Shia Kiander
2018 Terry Bykerk & Mike Wierenga
2019 Timothy Schnelle
2020 Beth Botke
2021 Deborah K. Ring
2022 Pete Arbour
2023 Tony Meyaard


David M. Heinowski "Subscribing Member Award" *
*Previously know as the Robert Eckhart Award (1988-2019)

1988 Mark Perry
1989 Denise Boyd
1990 David Rice
1991 Robert R. Lupi
1992 David M. Heinowski
1993 Colleen (Brook) Maki
1994 Tony Sokol
1995 Kellianne Nagy
1996 Don Orr
1999 Colleen Ever Brook
2000 Don Niemec
2001 Vincent Provenzano
2002 Kellianne Nagy
2003 Joseph Goluban
2004 Kellianne Nagy
2005 Ernest E. Beren
2006 William Davis
2007 Tony & Sandee Sokol
2008 Jerry Markey
2010 Pete Arbour
2011 Cindy Dodge
2012 Jim Bellefeuil
2013 David M. Heinowski
2014 Laura Hallahan
2016 Mickey Knight
2017 Jack L. Van Coevering
2019 David M. Heinowski
2020 Cindy Dodge


Property Tax Achievement Award

1988 Dr. Verberg & John Wolenberg
1990 Barb Grissom
1991 Kent County Data Processing
1992 Wayne County Assessing Officers
1993 UP Assessor's Association
1995 Assessors Education Association
1996 BS&A Software
1997 Telecomp
2007 Apex Software
2008 Centron Data Services
1999 Dave Reiser
2000 BS&A Software
2001 Phil Erlewine
2004 BS&A Software
2006 Dennis Platte
2011 James Bennett, InfoGeographics
2012 Oakland County Association of Assessing Officers
2013 Macomb Assessing Association
2014 Michigan Municipal League
2015 Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
2018 Laura J. Genovich
2020 Wexford Co. Assessing Jurisdictions
2021 Christine Kuhn, City of Woodhaven & Luanne Kooiman, Kinross and Rudyard Twps
2022 Barb Duncanson
2023 Brian Kienle


Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award

1988 Karolynn Walsh
1989 Richard Brook
1990 Washtenaw County
1991 Van Buren City Board of Supervisors
1992 City of East Pointe
1993 Shelby and Cascade Townships
1994 City of Sterling Heights
1995 Wayne County Association of Assessing Officers
1996 St. Joe County
1997 City of Battle Creek & Plainfield Twp.
1998 City of Detroit
1999 Peninsula Township
2000 Inter Governmental
2001 Macomb Assessors Organization
2002 City of Warren
2004 City of Livonia
2005 City of Dearborn
2007 City of Portage
2008 City of Grand Rapids
2010 Oakland County
2015 Leelanau County Equalization Department
2016 Washtenaw County
2019 City of Detroit
2021 Ottawa County
2022 Kent County Bureau of Equalization
2023 Will Gast


President's Distinguished Service Award

1991 Scott Schager
1993 Lisa Hobart
1994 Matthew Raftary & Bonnie Lynn Ordus
1995 Leroy Nelson
1996 Don Loranger
1997 David M. Heinowski
1998 David M. Heinowski & Gary Evanko
1999 C. Jan Markowski, Martin Marshall
2000 Ted Droste, Martin Marshalll, & Phillip Bertolini
2001 Rich Dykstra
2002 Rich Brook & Vicki Reidel
2003 Rich Brook
2004 Gary Evanko, Tony Sokol, Matthew Raftary
2005 Vicki Reidel
2006 Vicki Reidel & Deborah K. Ring
2007 Joyce Foondle, Matthew Raftary & Martin Marshall
2008 Martin Marshall, Vicki Riedel, Denise Chalifoux
2009 D. Glenn Lemon
2010 Peggy Pirhonen
2012 Scott Engerson, Linda Stevenson & Sherron Schultz
2013 Linda Stevenson
2014 Matthew Raftary, Anthony Fuoco
2014 Matthew Raftary, Anthony Fuoco
2015 Stacey Kaake, Matthew Schmit & Linda Stevenson
2016 Kristen Sieloff & Ruth Scott

2017 Stacey Kaake, Tony Meyaard & Amy L. DeHaan
2018 Beth Botke, Ruth Scott & Sandy Birkenshaw
2019 Matthew Raftary, Linda Stevenson & Amy L. DeHaan
2020 Deborah K. Ring, Sandy Birkinshaw, Matthew Raftary, Kelli Soble & Shila Kiander
2021 Elizabeth Tobias, Ruth Scott & Peggy Nolde
2022 Mandy Tomich & Beth Botke
2023 Laura Hallahan, Linda Stevenson & Matthew Raftary
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