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The Michigan Assessors Association is a non-profit, professional association of property tax professionals from the public and private sectors.  Membership is open to any individual interested in the goals and objectives of the Michigan Assessors Association.


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Membership Committee
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Membership Categories

Michigan Assessor memberships are individual based, annual memberships which terms are from January through December.   There are three categories of membership:

Regular Membership
- Regular Membership available to any employee of any department, commission, board, bureau or agency of the state, county, city, village or township who has duties that are directly concerned with assessment administration in the State of Michigan>
Subscribing Membership
- Subscribing Membership is available to those individuals not eligible for regular membership but interested in assessment administration and the objectives of the Association.
Student Membership
- Student Membership A student member is defined as a person currently enrolled in a certification program designed to prepare the individual for certification as a Michigan Certified Assessing Officer (MCAO). The student member candidate shall petition the membership committee in writing for student membership status by submitting a paid membership application with documentation attesting to enrollment in a certification program. Individuals currently employed in assessing or equalization administration are not eligible for student membership. Student membership shall not be granted for more than one (1) calendar year. All student memberships are nonvoting, electronic memberships.
Lifetime Membership
- Lifetime Membership is available to a regular member who retired from active service in assessment administration. Within one (1) year after retirement, the member may petition the Board of Directors in writing for life membership status. This membership is only available by approval of the MAA Board of Directors.

 Important Note:  Because membership is based on individuals, memberships follow the individual, regardless of who or what agency paid for the membership.

District Map

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Our Membership Base

100% Complete (success)847 Total Members
20% Complete (striped)779 Regular Members
40% Complete (warning)39 Subscribing Members
20% Complete (danger)29 Other Members
As of 02/24/2020


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What's in it for new and renewing members?

  • REDUCED TUITION- to educational opportunities and continuing education.
  • FREE access to the Michigan Assessors Association's state-wide commercial and industrial Sale Lead Database.
  • Discounted tuition fees to any of the three annual Educational Programs. Our educational program is unsurpassed in the nation and serves as a model for other states' organizations.
  • Scholarships - Members needing financial assistance are eligible to apply for an MAA Scholarship for up to $300.00.
  • Six Bi-Monthly issues of "The Michigan Assessor". Our publication is a 11-time winner of the prestigious International Association of Assessing Officers Association, "Zangerle Award". The publication is also available in electronic format.
  • MAA Annual Summer Conference - Receive reduced registration fees to the annual MAA Summer Conference. A great venue for expanding your professional network.
  • Stay current on pending legislation. Legislatively, the MAA is on the cutting edge; with a prominent lobbyist employed to watch out for the association and its member's best interest.
  • Keep your contact information up to date. Edit your membership information, live online!
  • Enhance your career search. Upload your resume to your member profile to enhance your professional job search efforts.
  • Promote your Website. Add a link to your community, business or personal web site address to your membership profile.
  • Information at your fingertips. Take advantage of the wealth of information available on the Association's Website.
  • Message Boards. Exchange information through topical message boards.

...and much more.

Need more information on MAA Membership? Contact our Membership Chairperson.


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