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Where did 2017 go? It seems like just yesterday I was finalizing the 2017 March Board of Review numbers and sending all the required reports to the County, and it's already 2018!!! Since I've begun to panic, I'll keep it brief this month ...
I'm guessing I am not alone in that feeling. This is THAT time of year for those of us lucky enough to be assessors in Michigan! Most of us are busy finalizing land values, firming up ECFs and placing values on all new construction that occurred this year. We are also making sure: our starting figures balance the ending figures from last year, personal property statements have been processed and entered, splits and combinations have been completed (and balance) and exemptions have been accounted for, along with a host of other things.
Don't let it cause you stress. You've got this! You know the process, you've done it before and you'll do it again. Take it one step at a time - you'll get there, I promise!
When you get hung up on something that just isn't making sense, call another assessor or your equalization department. Everyone needs a little help now and then, so don't be hesitant to ask - that's what your colleagues are for! Find someone who has a similar situation and talk it through - the two of you may come up with a new and better way to deal with it. This is where networking becomes extremely important - when we need help! Don't risk doing it wrong when the assessor two townships over is doing the same thing - ask, and find out how they're handling it. You'll find that the relationships you've built at MAA educational offerings will take you far - both in terms of friendships and your career! 
Finally, don't forget about this year's MAA Conference at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City. The room block will be opening soon and you will want to make your reservations rights away - our block will open to the public in early June, so don't delay! Watch for an incentive offer for those reserving before the block closes! I hope to see you there!

Amy L. DeHaan, President

News from Around the Country

Property Tax Post: Property Tax Could be the Hottest Tax Issue of 2018

Bloomberg: SALT Talk Blog

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The passage of federal tax reform (Pub. L. No. 115-97), and the resultant cap on the state and local tax (SALT) deduction, has thrust state taxes into the national spotlight in a way that perhaps hasn’t been seen for many years. State and local tax practitioners, of course, are regularly immersed in the issues concerning sales and use taxes, state corporate and individual income taxes, state excise taxes, and property taxes. In late December, however, the property tax, in particular, stole the show as a nationwide drama played out around whether taxpayers would be able to prepay property taxes and take advantage of the last(?) opportunity to claim an un-capped state and local tax deduction on federal income tax returns.

By Shrinking, Can Sam’s Club Keep Up With Costco?

After closing 63 stores, Wal-Mart unit to focus on high-income families

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Sam’s Club hopes fewer stores help the warehouse retailer attract more-affluent shoppers.

This month, the Wal-Mart WMT +0.02% Stores Inc. chain closed 63 U.S. Sam’s Club locations. The closures cut about 10,000 jobs and are the largest since Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton opened the first Sam’s Club in 1983. Wal-Mart says some of those workers will get jobs in other stores.

Detroit property values increase for the first time in 17 years

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Detroit's narrative as the "Comeback City" just got another boost. 

Today, officials announced that for the first time in 17 years, residential property values within city limits have increased by as much as 10 percent. 

According to a press release, the assessments are based on actual property sales and reflect an overall increase in the city's cumulative residential property value.


Supreme Court Upholds Mass Appraisal in Property Tax Assessment Case

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Feb. 2, 2018 – The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently rejected an argument that the City of Milwaukee did not properly follow Wisconsin’s property tax assessment law when it used a mass appraisal method to value an income-producing property.

Metropolitan Associates challenged tax assessments on seven Milwaukee properties from 2008 to 2013. The parties agreed to present evidence on one property, an apartment complex, with a resolution governing assessments on the six others.




2018 IAAO President Dorothy JacksI.A.A.O. President
Dorothy Jacksr, ASA

West Palm Beach, Florida

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