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From the President

*****************    July Update  *******************

Historically, at the annual meeting, I would have handed off the gavel to the Vice President to begin his year leading this association.  But, because of Joe’s kindness, he offered to postpone his year of presidency, so that I could host the conference I had been planning.  And, because of this membership’s generosity, here I am, your president for another year.


This past year, it was a privilege for me to serve this association.  It  has given me an opportunity to grow and learn as President of the MAED.  From leading meetings, to representing our organization throughout the great state of Michigan, I have truly enjoyed every aspect that comes with this position.  At this time last year, I laid out my agenda of completing the MAED handbook.  With hard work from many in this association, today we adopted the first draft.  We have also successfully implemented a succession plan for our association’s records. As I look back on the 2019/2020 year, I am thankful for the relationships with other professional organizations that we have continued to develop by inviting them to our monthly meetings, including; The Michigan Assessors Association, Michigan Townships Association, Michigan Association of Counties, and the Michigan Municipal League.  We have also continued to have a great working relationship with the State Tax Commission, BS&A software and Tax Management Associates. MAED offered our first annual Doug Stover Education Day, where we developed and presented continuing education specific to the County Equalization process. This year also brought us unprecedented obstacles for meeting.  We all have been a part of the MAED’s first virtual meeting.  What a year.


It is an honor for me to be elected by this membership to serve as president for the 2020/2021 year.  Today, we met in person for the first time since March, while simultaneously broadcasting the meeting virtually for the membership. This afternoon, MAED will be offering its first ever virtual continuing education for the membership.  I could not be more proud of this association and the MAED executive board for how we have navigated through the past 3 months of unpredictable circumstances.  Thank you!


As MAED looks to the future, I am committed to leading our membership through this next year.  While there are a lot of unknowns, and it is uncertain as to if we will be able to meet in person or virtually, we will meet.  My agenda for this next year is very clear, to lead us into this new and exciting virtual world.  I do NOT plan on replacing our in person meetings, as face to face communication is often best.  However, I will put as top priority for the standards committee, to review our bylaws and consider bringing recommendations for virtual meetings to the membership at the next annual meeting.  We will be offering the 2nd annual Doug Stover Education Day on November 5th.  I want to encourage every member to dig into the MAED Handbook that was approved today and give feedback.  This document is a living document.  It is a work in progress.  We need your feedback.  By the end of this year, each county has to have a designated assessor in place.  MAED will do its best to offer support to those who need it by answering questions and sharing documents.  While I am excited to serve as the President of MAED for the next year, there is work to be done. 


I am going to end with a quote from one of the past presidents of MAED.  Earlier this year, he texted me with a sarcastic comment, “I love when people have the opportunity to show their leadership and choose to sit on their hands.”  Don’t sit on your hands!


MAED is not only important to our membership, including Equalization Directors and their staff across the state, but also to the Assessment Administration Profession across the entire state.  We are important to assessors and taxpayers alike.  When you work for government you are public servants.  I want to encourage you to serve your counties with confidence and pride.  Lead where you have the opportunity.




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