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Advertising with the Michigan Assessors Association

The Michigan Assessors Association has the most economical advertising rates for a publication of its
size and circulation than any comparable professional trade magazine or website.

Mailing Address

Michigan Assessors Association
38320 Tyler Rd.
Romulus, Michigan 48174

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Print and Electronic Advertisement Policies

Add 15%

Phone:  734-942-1324
Ad copy:  Microsoft Worn or PDF files.  Do not send scanned images of ad copy.
Color:  CMYK or RGB
Images:  Minimum 300 dpi
Image Formats:  jpg, jpeg, png

The Michigan Assessors Association (MAA) reserves the right to reject any advertisement or its content. Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content and agree to hold the MAA Association harmless for any and all claims for such advertisements, including but not limited to tort, copyright, photographic or trademark actions. If an advertisement is refused during the agreement period, the advertiser agrees that the MAA is authorized to substitute, without notice, the last advertisement of the advertiser unless replacement material is sent to the MAA Editor.

Advertising charges are due and payable upon invoicing.  A 1.5% fee per month will be added 30 days after invoicing, unless prior arraignments have been made with MAA.

MAA reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/or its agent jointly and severally liable for payment of invoices.

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MAA Website Advertising (WebPlus)

Employment/Request for Proposal advertisements are posted to the MAA Website for 30 days, (or less depending on the stated applications deadline).1 Advertisements are usually posted within one business day following the day of receipt.

 All Website advertisements are emailed to the MAA membership on the Friday following the Website posting.  Emailed advertisements are not exclusive to the advertiser and may be sent with descriptions from other advertisers.  For an exclusive email advertisement or targeted email date, a 50% service fee will be added. All fees are based on the number of positions and/or description in an advertisement.

WebPlus Advertising Rates2

 Member Rate
Non-Member Rate 
  500 Words or less3   $125.00  $200.00
 500+ Words4  Add 10% for each additional 500 words
 Multiple Ads or Descriptions5  $25 discount on each additional advertisement
 Exclusive/Targeted Email Date  Add 50% for targeted or exclusive email

1 Advertisements may be extended to a full 30 day posting if original post period was less than 30 days, at no additional cost
2 All fees are based on the number of positions and/or descriptions advertised.
3 This is the maximum number of words allowed in an emailed advertisement.
4 MAA reserves the right to edit/abbreviate/summarize emailed advertisements exceeding the 500-word maximum email limit.
5 The $25.00 discount is applied to additional descriptions or advertisements appearing during the same schedule.

Magazine Advertising (The Michigan Assessor)

     The Michigan Assessor magazine is a monthly publication. All ads should be sent to the Editor by the 5th of the month prior to the month of the issue to which it is to appear (i.e. June 5th for the July issue).      Advertising Campaigns are multi-month advertisement runs. Advertisers may submit multiple versions of advertisements to be rotated during the run of the campaign at no additional cost (see rate discounts for advertising campaigns below). Advertisements may be placed monthly, bi-monthly or on any monthly schedule requested.

Magazine Advertising Rates1

Member Rates
Non-Member Rates (+50%) 
Full Page   $225.00 $300.00 
 1/2 Page $150.00  $225.00 
1/4 Page  $100.00  $150.00 
 1/8 Page $50.00  $75.00 

Advertising Campaign Discounts
5% discount for 6-month campaign (advance payment)
10% discount for 12-month campaign (advance payment)
1 Employment Opportunities published in the magazine, will also appear on the MAA’s web site during the month of the issue’s publication at no additional cost. All fees are based on the number of positions and/or descriptions advertised. 

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