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The Michigan Assessors Association offers quality education for Members and Non-Members physical locations throughout the State and on-line via Virtual Learning opportunities. MAA is recognized for its outstanding continuing education and certification preparation content. The curriculum is comprised of classes developed by the Michigan Assessors Association and is supplemented by courses developed by the State Tax Commission for individuals seeking Assessor Certification.

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Ashley Larrison, Chair
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With on-line registration, participants can use a credit card or check to pay for their course.  On-line registration ensures that you are registered and guaranteed a seat in the class.
* We accept all major credit cards.

MAA Members receive a significant savings in education and conference costs.  If you are not currently an MAA Member, consider joining now, before you register for a class, and save some money.  The cost of a one-year membership is only $95.00 and that's $35.00 less than the additional fee to register as a non-member.

Educational Videos

Annual Summer Conference

Durk Ashley and Mark Mullet
Memorial Scholarship Funds

The purpose of these two funds is to assist Michigan Assessors Association (MAA) members whose employers provide no funding for education and who are financially burdened to self-fund educational opportunities.  The funding for these scholarships is made available by the Executive Board of the Michigan Assessors Association and private donations to provide greater opportunities for members to attend educational courses and seminars.  The funding is awarded to any MAA member who demonstrates a financial need, and intends to use the funds to complete an educational activity.

Scholarship Application
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Presented by 
Shila Kiander, MAAO

The video is recommended to all Michigan Assessing Officers and Board of Review Members.
This 23 minute production will cover the responsibilities and authority of JBOR AND an explanation of Executive Order 2020-87

This 22:25 minute video was produced by by Shila Kiander, MAAO and is brought to you by the
Michigan Assessors Association's Education's Committee.
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