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Annual Business Meeting


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Membership Categories

Michigan Assessor memberships are individual based, annual memberships which terms are from January through December.   There are three categories of membership:

Regular Membership
Regular Membership is available to any employee of any department, commission, board, bureau or agency of the state, county, city, village or township who has duties that are directly concerned with assessment administration in the State of Michigan. 
Subscribing Membership
- Subscribing Membership is available to those individuals not eligible for regular membership but interested in assessment administration and the objectives of the Association.
Lifetime Membership
- Lifetime Membership is available to a regular member who retired from active service in assessment administration. Within one (1) year after retirement, the member may petition the Board of Directors in writing for life membership status.  This membership is only available by approval of the MAA Board of Directors.

 Important Note:  Because membership is based on individuals, memberships follow the individual, regardless of who or what agency paid for the membership.

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Our Membership Base

100% Complete (success)1,122 Total Members
20% Complete (striped)1,026 Regular Members
60% Complete (warning)58 Subscribing Members
30% Complete (danger)38 Other Members
As of 02/24/2020

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A Virtual Experience

In compliance to the State's restrictions regarding gatherings in excess of 10 people, the Michigan Assessors Association's 2020 Annual Business meeting will be held via an exciting virtual environment.  This format will ensure that our members remain safe in the comfort of their home or office while providing the opportunity to participate and interact with fellow members at the Annual BUsiness Meeting.

Participants will have the ability to interact via chat and audio on business before the membership as well as cast their votes for the 2021 slate of officers and the proposed changes to the bylaws.  Best of all, we'll all have the opportunity to see and speak with friends that we haven't been able to get together with due to recent health and gathering restrictions.

To ensure that the meeting is productive, engaging and runs smoothly,  a few meeting guidelines and instructions have been established. All attendee must register for the meeting.  There is no charge for registration; the only requirement is that you are a current member.  Nonmembers and/or members not registering can still view a live stream of the meeting on Facebook or YouTube.

Annual Business Meeting events include:

  • Keynote address by IAAO President Elect Greg McHenry
  • Election of 2021 Board of Directors
  • Proposed changes to the Association Bylaws
  • Annual Award Presentations

What to expect:

  • The meeting room will open approximately 1/2 hour prior to the call to order.
  • All participants will be muted during the meeting.  This is necessary to reduce background noise and unnecessary interruptions.
  • We recommend that participants set their video to "Speaker View".  This setting will ensure that the person currently speaking will highlighted and visible.
  • If you wish to speak on any business before the Association, us the "Raise Hand" button.  A moderator will recognize and unmute you so that you can speak; once your discussion is complete, the moderator will again mute your audio. Participants may also use the "Chat" function to ask questions.
  • We ask that all members display their names in the meeting. If your email or phone number appear on your video, use the "Rename" function to enter your first and last name
  • At the conclusion of the meeting, the ZOOM meeting room will remain open so that members can continue to socialize with their friends and peers.


Due to voting restrictions, registration to attend the 2020 Annual Business Meeting is restricted to MAA Members only. Non-members can attend the meeting via Facebook and YouTube on the day of the meeting.

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We use the Zoom video conferencing platform to provide virtual meetings and webinars.  Attendee should download and install the ZOOM application on the device they intend to use to participate (we do not recommend using your phone).  Participants who are unable to install Zoom can attend the meeting using the Zoom web client on their desktop web browser (though some in meeting controls are restricted).  To join the meeting via your browser, click on the meeting link sent to you and click on "Join from your browser". You will be prompted to enter your name and then join the meeting.

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