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Employment Opportunities

The Michigan Assessors Association posts employment opportunities for property tax professionals in
'The Michigan Assessor' magazine and on the Website.

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Job Listings

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Michigan Assessors Association
38320 Tyler Rd.
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Advertising Rates

 Employment Opportunities:
Employment opportunities are posted on the MAA Website for 30 days.   The Michigan Assessor magazine is published monthly. Employment opportunities published in The Michigan Assessor are also posted on the website at no additional cost (with the exception of 1/8-page advertisements).

All advertisements  for publication in The Michigan Assessor should be sent to the Editor by the 10th of the month to be included in the following month’s issue (IE. June 10th for the July issue).

 Advertising Rates:
 Magazine Rates  
Full Page $300.00 $225.00
1/2 Page $225.00 $150.00
1/4 Page $150.00
1/8 Page   $75.00   $50.00
 Website Rates  
 Web Plus *  $200.00 $155.00 
* (Employment Opportunities Only)
5% discount for 6 months advance payment.
10% discount for 12 months advance payment.
1.5% added per month after billing date

Web Plus advertisements include an email to MAA members along with a 30-day website posting.

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Job Description Details

1 April 2018

About Employment Listings

Guidelines for Advertising Submissions

The Michigan Assessors Association places employment opportunities on its Website or in our monthly publication, The Michigan Assessor at a very reasonable cost.

Magazine Postings:

Employment opportunities for publication in our magazine must be submitted by the 10th of the month preceding the month of publication you wish to have it appear in.  All job postings published in our magazine will also appear on our website during the month of publication.

WebPlus Postings:

Employment opportunities appear on the website for 30 days or less, depending on the requested/indicated listing deadline.  The 30 day fee is the minimum fee, regardless of the length of the posting.  Postings for greater than 30 days will be subject to an additional 30 day fee.  Website postings typically appear within one day of submission.

Included with the 30 day posting on our website, an email of your employment opportunity will be sent to our membership.  The cost for a WebPlus Employment Opportunity posting is only $125.00. WebPlus postings are typically posted within 24 hours of submission and the email to our membership is made the Friday following the submission.

Rates are based on each position posted.  Multiple positions posted within the same advertisement will be billed as separate listings.

Advertising Rates: 
 Magazine Rates  
Full Page   $300.00      $225.00      
 1/2 Page $225.00      $150.00      
 1/4 Page  $150.00      $100.00      
 1/8 Page $75.00       $50.00      
 Website Rates  
 WebPlus*  $200.00      $150.00      
 * (Employment Opportunities Only)
 5% discount for 6 months advance payment.
10% discount for 12 months advance payment.
1.5% added per month after billing date

To place an employment advertisement on our Website, please send your advertisement copy in a Microsoft Word or PDF file to MAA Media Services.

Do not send scanned documents.

For billing purposes, please include all contact information including, name, address, telephone and email address with your request.

Shortly after the placement of your request, your article will be scheduled for publication and/or displayed on our website and you will receive an invoice with payment instructions.  For additional information or questions, please contact the MAA Webmaster at 734-942-1324.


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