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MAA President's Message

As promised last month . . . Education

In my monthly message, I hope to keep you informed about the plans and actions being taken by Association Committees and your Executive Board to better serve the membership and the business of the organization as well as creating opportunities for member growth, both personal and professional.  As I stated last month, I feel a very strong debt of gratitude to the individuals who have given their time and talents to share their knowledge with me in many educational settings over many years.  Therefore, I am going to focus this month on the Education Committee and plans for the coming year.  
As you all know, any time there is a change in educational requirements, there will be a period of adjustment and refinement in our processes.     The State Tax Commission and the Michigan Assessors Association have forged a strong collaborative relationship in working to provide quality education for our MAA members.   Dedicated instructors have been developing material to enhance and enrich the required certification classes at each level.

Your Education Committee has worked steadily and regularly over the past 5 months to line up the class offerings and qualified instructors for 2017.  Because of their efforts, our entire 2017 curriculum will be available to members shortly so that you can effectively select and budget your educational plan for the entire year.  All MMAO and MAAO classes will be offered at least once in the coming year.  So check the website!!  

There are also many dedicated professionals working diligently to develop new, fresh, continuing education courses.  Others are working at proofing and editing some of the existing continuing education classes whose material is still relevant but may need freshening up a bit.  It is a complex process, and will take time, but be assured that the Executive Board is well aware of the importance of this work and will support the continued progress.

Next month I will take look at the work of another Association Committee or Committees.  While the Chairs and committee members have been chosen for the 2017 year, remember that “many hands make light work” and there are rarely “too many”.  Perhaps you may have some insight that would be helpful in the work of one of these MAA Committees.  If you have an area of interest, send me an email and we’ll chat.

Until next month………
~ Ruth Scott, President


Randy J. Ripperger, CAE
I.A.A.O. President
Randy J. Ripperger, CAE

Des Moines, Iowa

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