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MAA President's Message

Bylaws Committee and  Long Range Planning
The Bylaws and Long Range Planning Committees work hand in hand to consider requests for change to the Bylaws or Policies and Procedures Manual that govern our organization and membership.

The responsibility of the Bylaws Committee is to review and analyze those requests to amend the bylaws for compatibility with other guiding documents and for the impact of such change on the membership at large and for the operations of the Board.  Ideally, the Bylaws Committee should be comprised of a diverse group of individuals throughout the state, with varying perspectives on the needs of the membership.  Once requests are reviewed the committee presents them to the Board for Directors for approval and placement on the agenda for the Association’s Annual Business Meeting. The Committee Chairperson is also responsible for presenting the proposed revisions to the membership for discussion and a vote at the Annual Business Meeting.  The Long Range Planning Committee’s responsibility is to “provide insight to the Board of Directors and help guide this association into the future.”  One of the main functions of the committee is to maintain and revise the Association’s Policies and Procedures Manual which provides interpretation of the bylaws and the Association’s governance.  Ideally, the Chairperson of the committee should be a current or past member of the Board of Directors, with previous experience and understanding of the organizational structure of the Association and its committees.

At this year’s Annual Summer Conference, during the annual business meeting, there will be three recommendations to amend the Bylaws.  The proposed bylaws revisions are published in July issue of The Michigan Assessor and will be presented to the membership for discussion and a vote at the annual meeting

This is just one of the many reasons for members to attend the annual summer conference. It is another great opportunity to have your voice heard and to exercise your right to vote and influence how your association functions. I am really looking forward to it, and hope, to see you all there!

Until next month,
Ruth, President


Randy J. Ripperger, CAE
I.A.A.O. President
Randy J. Ripperger, CAE

Des Moines, Iowa

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