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MAA President's Message

Hello MAA Members,

Congratulations on getting through another year of preparing your assessment rolls and administering the March Board of Review.  I always look forward to the month of May, not only because it is when Tigers baseball and the NBA and NHL playoffs really get rolling, but because it is a great time for assessors to take a deep breath and to start catching up on the smaller tasks that were set aside during the past few months.  Unfortunately, those of you who work in Equalization units might have to wait another month or two for their own “down time.”  Anyway, spring is a great time to look at our own departmental goals and to formulate plans of how to achieve them during the rest of the year.
Performance objectives are a tool that can be used to set clear goals for employees to perform better.  The roles of performance objectives are to challenge employees for continuous improvement and to reexamine the overall strategy of a department.  For years my only personal performance objective was to complete all of my work on time so that I could keep my job.  But over time I came to realize that setting performance objectives was a relatively easy way to attain some long-term departmental goals.
In general, performance objectives should be specific and measurable, and they should all have a time frame associated with them.  They can be valuable in determining who is accountable for what task and to create a link between the employee and the long-term goals of the department.  Even if performance objectives are informal, one of the keys to achieving them is to incorporate them into the organization workload as early in the year as possible.  For most assessors, that time is now.  
Good luck,
~ Matthew Schmidt, President



W.A. “Pete” Rodda, CAE, RES
I.A.A.O. President
W.A. “Pete” Rodda, CAE, RES

Roper, North Carolina

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