Organized to improve the standards of assessment practice; to provide a clearing house for the collection and distribution of useful information relative to assessment practice; and to promote justice and equality in the distribution of the tax burden.

MAA President's Message

Membership Services, Finance and Nominations Committees 
These three committees are an integral part of MAA Leadership.  The Membership Services Committee is there not only to promote and increase membership but to represent the interests of the membership as a whole.  When issues are raised by any member of our organization, the Membership Committee investigates the issue in light of the common goals of the Association and makes recommendation to the Board of Directors.   The committee is also responsible for marketing that enhances the overall image of the Michigan Assessors Association.  It is a large responsibility and we appreciate this year’s committee chair, Stacey Bassi as well as the membership services committee for their service and dedication.

The Finance Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President who are responsible for reviewing and advising the Board of Directors on all issues affecting the current and future finances of the Association and recommend changes to the Association’s Board of Directors.

The Nominations Committee is made up of the President, the Past President, the MAED Representative, the MTA Representative and one City or Township Assessor appointed by the President.  The committee is responsible for vetting the qualifications of potential candidates and presenting a slate of candidates to be elected at the Annual Meeting.  The committee is also responsible for seeking out and recommending candidates to fill a Board position should a vacancy occur mid-year.  Efforts are made to balance the membership of the Board of Directors based on the geography within the Association’s three districts and the size and type of the local unit with the goal of establishing the most diverse group of individuals.

This is the last of the Committee outlines to share with you.  Why did I spend these months discussing committee duties and work?  I am hoping that it helps inform you of areas where you might choose to become involved in MAA leadership.  This is a service organization and only works when many people share the responsibilities.  It allows us, as individuals, to feel connected and have personal ownership in our organization.  It also enhances our ability to grow professionally.  Where might your temperament, skills and interests be best able to serve your fellow members?  So think about it . . . and take the leap!

Until next month...
~ Ruth Scott, President


Randy J. Ripperger, CAE
I.A.A.O. President
Randy J. Ripperger, CAE

Des Moines, Iowa

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