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MAA President's Message

Standards Committee
To continue the process of keeping you up to date on what the responsibilities and current projects of our MAA committees I would like to let you know about the Standards Committee.

The MAA Policies and Procedures manual states:

“The general purpose of the Standards Committee is to address issues of assessment administration……  Purposes and goals of this committee are flexible and ongoing.  Goals and tasks may be brought to the attention of the committee for action by the President of the MAA.  Concerns… will be solicited… from the MAA Board of Directors, the general membership and the Standards Committee of the Michigan Association of Equalization Directors.”

It also states that there will be at least one joint meeting of the MAA & MAED standards committees each year.

In recent years the Standards Committees of both the MAA and MAED have worked jointly to establish the “CAMA Data Standards” which were adopted by both organizations in 2015.  They are available for all users and are incorporated into the BS&A assessing software as a standard or recommended format.  This was a long and time intensive project, the fruit of which will be with us for many years.  Thank you to all that participated in this valuable project.

I have asked the 2017 MAA Standards Committee to work jointly again with the MAED Standards Committee to review document retention schedules for both Assessing and Equalization.  They will be canvassing assessing and equalization offices and then reviewing document flow and making recommendations to the Records Management Service of the Department of Technology Management and Budget at the State of Michigan.  These recommendations will include who is responsible for retaining chosen documents, for what time frame and in what format.  This state department then reviews these recommendations in reference to current law and establishes an approved Document Retention Schedule.   At the current time there is no approved retention schedule for Equalization and according to the State, the retention schedule for assessing offices has a limited number of documents listed and has not been updated for probably decades.

The 2017 Chairpersons for Standards Committees are John Dahlquist for MAA and Laurie Spencer for MAED.  We appreciate their hard work and dedication along with all of those involved in the committees.

This will be another large undertaking but will provide invaluable guidance to assessing and equalization personnel for many years in the future.
Best wishes to you all for short and trouble-free MBOR & Equalization sessions!

~ Ruth Scott, President


Randy J. Ripperger, CAE
I.A.A.O. President
Randy J. Ripperger, CAE

Des Moines, Iowa

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