Organized to improve the standards of assessment practice; to provide a clearing house for the collection and distribution of useful information relative to assessment practice; and to promote justice and equality in the distribution of the tax burden.


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MAA President's Message

November/December Message

As this year draw to a close, I am reflecting on the accomplishments of the Association.  We were able to hold a successful conference in person. This allowed for the networking everyone had so dearly missed.  It was a very nice feeling being able to see and talk to people in person rather than over a video.  We were also able to hold education sessions at Tree Tops.  I was unable to attend but I heard this was a great experience. 

While we are networking, having a conversation with an elected official or residents, acting with civility is something to keep in mind.  Our current world is full of strife, antagonism and apprehension.  We never know what someone is going through in their personal life. Sometimes someone else’s anger does overflow into our world.  When thinking about acting with civility, we just need to focus on being courteous to others.  The simplest thing a person can do to make someone else’s day is to just present them with a smile.  One of my favorite parts of this field is the networking. I know not everyone has the same views as I do.  We have a difference of opinion on how certain things should be done.  This shouldn’t give me leave to be rude.  We need to respect each other.  

Looking towards next year, I am looking forward to assisting Anthony Meyaard, as he takes his position as President.  We will be holding our year strategic planning meeting this month to create a cohesive plan for the year.  If anyone has any ideas of what changes or recommendation they would like to see with the association, please reach out to your district representatives.  As always, I have enjoyed serving the membership of this wonderful organization and am looking forward to contributing in the growth the board is creating. 

All my best,
Stacey Kaake, President

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MAA Professional Designation Program

Stand Out! - Make a Difference!


Michigan Assessors Association

Professional Designation Program
Stand Out! - Make a Difference!

The Michigan Assessors Association is pleased to announce the rollout of its new "Professional Designation Program".

An MAA Designation provides an opportunity for property tax professionals to distinguish themselves among their peers in the assessment administration profession. The MAA professional designation also tells your employer and/or potential employers that you stand out in your profession and have achieved a level of expertise that is unique among other professionals.

The first two initial MAA Designations are the Certified Instructor Professional (CIP) and Certified Equalization Specialist (CES) .

For complete details and application instructions, visit the education page of the MAA Website.

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I.A.A.O. President
Greg McHenry, AAS

Manhattan, Kansas
785-537-6310 ext.5012 
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