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With on-line registration, participants can use a credit card or check to pay for their course.  On-line registration ensures that you are registered and guaranteed a seat in the class.
* We accept all major credit cards.

MAA Members receive a significant savings in education and conference costs.  If you are not currently an MAA Member, consider joining now, before you register for a class, and save some money.  The cost of a one-year membership is only $90.00 and that's $35.00 less than the additional fee to register as a non-member.

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Annual Summer Conference

Durk Ashley and Mark Mullet
Memorial Scholarship Funds

The purpose of these two funds is to assist Michigan Assessors Association (MAA) members whose employers provide no funding for education and who are financially burdened to self-fund educational opportunities.  The funding for these scholarships is made available by the Executive Board of the Michigan Assessors Association and private donations to provide greater opportunities for members to attend educational courses and seminars.  The funding is awarded to any MAA member who demonstrates a financial need, and intends to use the funds to complete an educational activity.

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About MAA Virtual Learning Center

Welcome to the Michigan Assessors Association's Virtual Learning Center. The Michigan Assessors Association periodically offers free and paid webinars.  Depending on the subject matter, some free webinars may be eligible for STC continuing education credits while others may just be informative/refresher courses without continuing education credits.  Information on continuing education credits is contained in the course description.

Webinar FAQ

Please be sure you have whitelisted "" in your email client so you will receive webinar updates and "Course Completion Certificates". (Also, don't forget to complete the registration process for each webinar purchased).

Paid Webinar Offerings

May 4, 2021; 8:00am - 12:00pm
MAA Equalization 101 (Registration Deadline: May 1, 2021)
MAA Equalization 101 (non-tested)
Instructors: : Shila Kiander, MAAO and Tony Meyaard, MMAO
May 4, 2021; Tuesday; 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Description: Learn the basics of county equalization starting with its history, applicable statutes, functions, the calendar and cycles, and property classification. What resources does the equalization require? How does one manage the records? What are the best practices for communication within the department and with local units, the County Commissioners, and state personnel? This course will provide an understanding of the foundation of county equalization.

Recommended for: All Assessors.
Approved for 4 hours of STC Assessor Continuing Education Credit
Required course work for MAA Certified Equalization Specialist (CES) Designation.

Course Fee: $40.00 - Limit 60 Students
Registration Deadline: May 1, 2021

Class Code: VLEQ101

May 4, 2021; 1:00pm - 5:00pm
MAA Equalization 102 (Registration Deadline: May 1, 2021)
MAA Equalization 102 (non-tested)
: Shila Kiander, MAAO and Tony Meyaard, MMAO
May 4, 2021; Tuesday; 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Description: Spend four hours following the Equalization process by looking at forms L-4015 through L-4024. Best practices and procedures for the processes by both the county and local unit will be discussed along with time management and the reporting requirements (using CAMA and other options). What is our plan, how do we gather needed data, how do we analyze the market, and how are conclusions drawn and communicated.

Recommended for: All Assessors.
Approved for 4 hours of STC Assessor Continuing Education Credit
Required course work for MAA Certified Equalization Specialist (CES) Designation.

Course Fee: $40.00 - Limit 60 Students
Registration Deadline: May 1, 2021

Class Code: VLEQ102

Purchase a Webinar

Attendees MUST BE signed on to the webinar, with two-way video capabilities (we must be able to see you) prior to the start time of the webinar am and must remain "signed on" and “in attendance” for the entire class. No refunds of registration fees or transfers to others are allowed.

Six (6) and eight (8) hour classes may be offered on two separate mornings.  For CE credit, attendees MUST be "signed in" and "in attendance" for both days of the class (there is no partial credit allowed).

Purchase is only available via the MAA Website.  Mailed payment or P.O. numbers WILL NOT be accepted.

There are three (3) steps that MUST be completed to attend an MAA webinar.
Purchase - Register - Download

Step 1: Pay for the webinar(s) that you wish to attend.
Step 2: Register for each webinar you purchased to receive your link to the webinar.
Step 3: Download the text for the webinar.
(a text download link is provided in the registration confirmation email).

Already purchased your webinar(s)? Register now.

Register You Webinar(s)*
*(payment will be verified)

All MAA Webinars are delivered via ZOOM

We use the Zoom Webinar application to present our webinars.  Attendee should download and install the ZOOM application on the device they intend to use to participate in the webinar.

However, participants who are unable to install Zoom can join a meeting or webinar using the Zoom web client on their desktop web browser.  When joining the webinar, the participant can click on "Join from your browser". They will be prompted to enter their name and then be able to join the webinar.  A class moderator will be available 30 minute prior to the start of the webinar to assist attendees with any communication difficulties once they have joined a meeting.  However, moderators will not  interrupt the class after it begins to assist someone logging in late.

Download ZOOM

Webinar Text Materials

After submitting payment, attendees will be re-directed to the ZOOM registration page where they must complete the registration process to receive a unique webinar link to join the webinar.  Included with the webinar link will be a link to download your text.  Attendees are responsible for downloading their webinar text material.  There IS NO option to receive a hard copy of webinar text material.

Continuing Education Credit

The State Tax Commission, at their meeting on August 18, 2020, adopted a policy regarding virtual education requirements. This policy requires that ALL students have two-way video communication capabilities for attendance in virtual learning webinars.  Therefore, you MUST have a video camera on the device that you will attend the webinar from so that we can see you.  If you do not have two-way video capability, you may still attend the webinar but, you WILL NOT receive continuing education credit.

Each attendee must to submit a completed short “quiz” at the conclusion of the webinar comprised of key points and an authentication code provided during the webinar.  After successful submission the quiz, the attendee will receive a certificate which may be used to register CE credit on the State Tax Commission's CERTS application.  Note that each attendee must use the unique webinar join link assigned to them.  Due to attendance logging, attendees cannot share their device or login link or share computers to attend these webinars.

LARA Credit

Several classes, now in the planning stage, will be submitted to LARA for continuing education credit for our licensed appraisers.  Those will be flagged for your information if approved

Questions or concerns can be directed to Education Committee Co-Chair, Beth Botke or by calling 517-204-3752

Join your Colleagues in an MAA  Virtual Learning Environment!

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