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MAA Designation Committee

Paula Jastifer, Chair
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CIP Designation (PDF)

CES Designation (PDF)

Durk Ashley and Mark Mullet
Memorial Scholarship Funds

The purpose of these two funds is to assist Michigan Assessors Association (MAA) members whose employers provide no funding for education and who are financially burdened to self-fund educational opportunities.  The funding for these scholarships is made available by the Executive Board of the Michigan Assessors Association and private donations to provide greater opportunities for members to attend educational courses and seminars.  The funding is awarded to any MAA member who demonstrates a financial need, and intends to use the funds to complete an educational activity.

Scholarship Application
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Michigan Assessors Association

Professional Designation Application

Before completeing this application, be sure you have done all of the following:

  1. Read and understand all of the requirements and instructions to apply for an MAA Professional Designation.
  2. Compile and complete all of the documents required to be uploaded and attached to this application.
  3. Have a check for the Application Fee (this check MUST be sent to MAA immediately after submitting your application).
  4. We recommend that you place all files required for upload in a separate folder for ease of location when attaching them to this form.

ALL fields of this application and attachments are required to be completed. Failure to complete a question or attach a required document will result in your application being rejected.

Application for MAA Professional Designations may be made manually (not using this online form).  Application instructions, application and fee submission document can be downloaded below;

Certified Equalization Specialist (CES)

Certified Instruction Professional (CIP)

Questions or assistance in completing the application for MAA Professional Designations may be directed to Shila Kiander at 231-592-0108 or email Shila Kiander.

Application Form

ALL fields marked with an * MUST be answered

MAA Designation

Applicant Information


The answers and documents provided below will provide the basis for the Designation Committee to weigh the merits of your request for an MAA professional designation.  In order to fairly and completely evaluate your application, all questions must be answered thoroughly and all required documents provided.

Work History*

1. How long have you been in the assessment administration profession and what positions (job titles) have you held? More importantly, what did you learn and how did you grow in each of the positions.


2. Education and training you want to highlight as it relates to assessment administration and your ability to instruct/teach others in the profession. 


3. Besides your STC Assessors Certification, what other relevant memberships, designations and/or licenses do you have? (Attach a copy if applicable) 


Each of the following documents MUST accompany your application. Failure to provide all required documents will cause your application to be rejected.  File names cannot contain any spaces in the name.  Acceptable file extensions are txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx.

Cover Letter*

 A well written application letter serves as the candidate's introduction to the Designation Committee. The candidate should not just rehash a resume in this letter. The candidate should market their skills, qualities, and experience.  The application letter may be brief; however, it is an opportunity to highlight all accomplishments and add detail about the candidate and why candidate wishes to pursue the Certified Equalization Specialist Designation.

Teaching Personal Statement*

Explain why you want to become an instructor and demonstrate your strengths, skills and suitability for teaching. Before drafting your teaching personal statement, think carefully about what training providers will want to know, such as:

i. Why do I want to teach? – show that you know about the challenges and rewards of teaching. Maybe talk about any lessons you have observed/taught, what went well and how you would have improved on them. Discuss teaching styles used and the use of technology.

ii. Why do I want to teach at this level (MAA Continuing Education)? – what appeals to you, use examples of your experience with this group.

iii. What are my strengths? – Include the relevance of your education and subject knowledge.

iv. What experience do I have? – Include related work/volunteer experience such as leadership, board member of associations and/or other experiences. Give examples of how this developed your teaching skills.

v. What personal skills/abilities do I have? – for example initiative, resilience, practical experience, creativity, time management, managing people, organizational skills, listening skills, leading or working in a team and dependability.


 Attach your resume to the application. 

Letters of Reference*

 Submit two letters of references from professionals who have knowledge of your work experience in assessment administration.. 

Reference Letter 1of 2 Upload*

Reference Letter 1 of 2 Upload*

Proof of Experience*

 Attach proof of five years of experience in assessment administration. Documentation submitted must be signed by an official (assessor or other public official) from the local unit of government.

Miscellaneous (optional)

Attach aadditional information in support of your application that you feel necessary (optional).


Attach a copy of your current STC Assessors Certification

MAA Code of Conduct*

Download, read and agree to the MAA Code of Conduct.

Application Fee

An application fee of $150.00 is required with this application. After submitting all of the above required information, you will be directed to an Application Fee form that you can complete and attached a check to and mail to the address provided on the form. Failure to pay the $150.00 application fee will result in the the rejection of your application.

Submit Application

After submitting this application, you will will receive a confirmation email of your submission from (do not reply to this email, it will go unanswered). You will also be immediately redirected to the Application Fee forma which you must complete, print and mail to MAA.  If you are not immediately redirected to the Application Fee form, please verify that you have filled in ALL required fields.  If you are not redirected to a thank you page, your submission was not completed.

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