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The Michigan Assessors Association's Awards Program recognizes individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the Association and the Property Tax Administration Profession

Awards/Scholarships Committee

Sharon Frischman , Chair
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Do you know someone that stands out in the field of assessment administration? Now is your opportunity to nominate your colleagues in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments.

The Michigan Assessors Association recognizes persons, groups or agencies each year for outstanding contributions they have made to the assessment profession.

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Award Categories
Most Valuable Member (Ernest "Ernie' Beren Award)
MOST VALUABLE MEMBER AWARD (Ernest "Ernie" Beren Award)

This award to be presented to the MAA member who has, over a period of years made a significant contribution to the association through participation, activities, and has made an outstanding contribution to the realization of the goals of MAA.

Eligibility and Criteria:
  • Candidates must be a regular member of MAA.
  • Current officers and Executive Board NOT eligible.
  • Candidate criteria may include, but not be limited to: The candidate has served in an elected position of MAA, as a committee chair, as a contributor in MAA education, or as a speaker at MAA conferences, seminars etc.
  • The candidate has a record of distinguished publications in professional literature.
  • The candidate has been active in other assessor/appraiser organizations.
  • The candidate has served on other public related service related organizations; on national, regional, state or local government study commissions, committees etc.
Literary (Frank Moss Award)
LITERARY AWARD (Frank Moss Award)

This is to be presented to the author of articles adjudged to contribute the most toward the improvement of assessment administration.

Education (David Bone Award)
EDUCATION AWARD (David Bone Award)

This award is presented to the person who has contributed the most in the field of education as related to assessment administration.

Subscribing Member (David M. Heinowski Award)

This award is presented to the MAA subscribing member whose contribution during the past year(s) has been so worthwhile as to demand recognition. This individual's contributions may have been in the area of writing or speaking on equalization, assessment administration or general taxation. The individuals may have also distinguished themselves by contributing to the goals of the organization through the contribution of time, effort, talent, and resources to furthering the goals and objectives of MAA. The recipient shall be the outstanding MAA subscribing member who exemplifies selfless service to the field of assessment administration.

Michigan Property Tax Achievement Award

This award is given to a person or group (who is not an assessment administrator) or a public agency(which is not an assessment or revenue organization),that has made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of property tax administration and the realization of the goals of the MAA.

Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award

This award is conferred on a state, county, or local assessment agency that has instituted a technical, procedural, or administrative program which is, for the affected jurisdiction, an improvement over prior programs, and which is generally recognized as a component of model assessment system and a contributing factor to equity in property taxation.

Eligibility Criteria:
Open only to government assessment/revenue agencies, which have instituted a program as described in the two years prior to nomination, the results of which have proved to be successful.

  • Public information programs are eligible for this award.
  • Programs that are eligible include, but are not limited to:
  • The agency has implemented a program of measuring/evaluating assessment performance by conducting assessment=sales-ratio studies, performance audits, etc.
  • The agency has implemented computerized/cost effective assessment procedures.
  • The agency has began a tax mapping program.
  • The agency has required tax assessor certification, continuing education, etc. and
  • The agency has created an assessment standards division to conduct performance audits, issued guidelines/manuals, provides current awareness services to professional staff, etc.
Distinguished Service Award (President's Award)

This award is presented by the MAA President to an individual or individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the association in the past year.

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2020 Award Recipients

2020 Ernest (Ernie) Beren Most Valuable Member Award

Amy L. DeHaan

MAA Webmaster 0 438 Article rating: 5.0

Amy DeHaan is the perfect recipient for the MAA Most Valuable Member Award.  She embodies everything an assessment administration professional in Michigan should strive for. She has worked for both assessing units, equalization departments and even a short time with BS&A. Amy has served as a board member for various local assessor groups during her many years in the profession.......

2020 David Bone Education Award

Beth Botke

MAA Webmaster 0 417 Article rating: 5.0

Beth from Bath has been an active participant within the Michigan Assessors Association in numerous ways for many years and has served on the Education Committee for the past 10 years. She has organized classes, schools and recruited instructors, but more importantly, she insures that all proper preparation is in place prior to the start of every class, making sure that our members get the best…and she does so with such a level and even demeanor........

2020 David Heinowski Subscribing Member Award

Cindy Dodge

MAA Webmaster 0 398 Article rating: 5.0

As Michigan Township Association (MTA) Information Liaison, Cindy’s involvement within overall township governments, has provided the Michigan Assessors Association (MAA) not only insight into state issues pertaining to assessment administration, but has been a key link between the MAA and a lobbying arm in support of local government.. ....

2020 Michigan Property Tax Achievement Award

Wexford County Assessing Jurisdictions

MAA Webmaster 0 373 Article rating: 5.0
Wexford County, under the supervision and direction of Equalization Director Joe Porterfield, accomplished what no other County in the State has done in the six years that the State Tax Commission (STC) has been conducting Audits of Minimum Assessing Requirements, (AMAR).  Every community in Wexford County successfully past the AMAR, setting the “Gold Standard” as published in the Cadillac News earlier this Spring......

2020 President's Distinguished Service Award

Deborah Ring, Sandy Birkinshaw, Matthew Raftary, Kelli Soble

MAA Webmaster 0 417 Article rating: 5.0

Deborah Ring
Ms. Ring has been an active participant and friend to the Michigan Assessors Association for many years serving the organization in multiple facets, such as a member of the Board, President in 2003, and the undeniable foundation of MAA education.

Sandy Birkinshaw
Mrs. Birkenshaw has been an active participant and friend to not only Michigan Assessors Association for many years serving the organization as a District 3 Representative and as Co-Chair of the Education Committee, she has been the education chair for the Southeast Chapter of the Michigan Assessors Association and was its president in 2018.

Matthew Raftary
Mr. Raftary has been an active participant and friend to the Michigan Assessors Association since the dawn of time, I believe he was an original signer of the articles of organization (a very young signer though). Matt has served the association in a variety of ways including serving on the Board, through the chairs, and was the President in 1998.

Kelli Soble
Kelli Sobel retired on April 30, 2020 after 35 years of service to the State of Michigan.
Kelli, with her vast knowledge and year of experience in assessment, was integral in the development and implementation of many STC programs. Under her leadership as Executive Director of the STC, the new assessor levels were implemented.

Shila Kiander
Shila Kiander is a Michigan Advanced Assessing Officer and is currently the Mecosta County Equalization Director.  She has worked in the assessment administration field for over 31 years, where her experience includes both assessing and equalization.  

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