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Edward VanderVries
(269) 720-1928

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Edward VanderVries
(269) 720-1928

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From the President

Dear Members:


I am honored to serve as your president for 2018/2019.

The Michigan Association of Equalization Directors as a rich tradition dating back to 1965.  My hope for this year is to help focus on the challenges MAED faces with the passage of the new Assessing Reform bill scheduled to be enacted in 2022.  Working together with our fellow colleagues in MAA and the State Tax Commission, I believe we can have a positive influence on the implementation of the new standards, rules, and requirements we will face.

I look forward to working with you and being available to answer questions and take ideas to our full Board for meaningful discussions and when appropriate, moving forward with positive actions.  Whether you are a member of MAED or not, you are welcome to participate in our meetings.  Building on a strong foundation focused on a strong future comes by listening, sharing, & learning together, which tends to work best when all ideas are allowed to be heard and discussed.

I will be updating this message from time to time - please check back for updates.


Edward VanderVries, President

Michigan Association of Equalization Directors

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