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We made it to the other side of our untraditional Board of Review.  Now onto 2022! As you roll over to your new database, you will notice some changes.  The CAMA data standards that were approved by the State Tax Commission are now in effect.  The changes will affect the property classes and sales terms that were originally used.  Prior to these changes, the County or assessor determined the terms and classes. For those who assess or equalize multiple jurisdictions, these changes will assist in making the task easier and more consistent.   There is another reason for these changes; the Michigan Equalization Gateway, (MEG) system. Equalization Directors will transfer data to the State using this gateway.  For the transfer of data to be efficient, standardization is necessary.   Assessors will also transfer data to the MEG system.  If you need any help or have questions regarding the CAMA data standards, please reach out to your MAA District Representative or post a question on the MAA Members Forum on the MAA website.

Concerning education, MAA has developed, and will begin offering professional designations to members. The first two professional designations are the Certified Instructor Professional (CIP) and Certified Equalization Specialist (CES) designations.  The inaugural CES classes were offered in May and June of this year.  These designations will serve to send a clear signal to employers, directors, public officials, and the public, that the designee has achieved a level of proficiency and expertise in areas of knowledge that are specific to this state.  More information can be found on the MAA Website.

Lastly, MAA is planning to hold the 2021 MAA Annual Conference. This year’s conference will be at Boyne Mountain August 8-11.  With this year’s conference, the Board is looking forward to holding conference events in person and getting back some normalcy in our lives.  The Committee plans to offer up to 12 hours of continuing education that will be beneficial in helping our members with transitioning toward virtual meetings and the adapting the new CAMA data standards.  Detailed conference and education information should be available on our website soon. For those who still are not sure about attending events in person, the conference committee is exploring the possibility also offering conference 

All my best,
Stacey Kaake, President

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STC Notice of Adopted Guidelines 2020-1 and 2020-2

PA 660 of 2018

STATE TAX COMMISSION - PA 660 of 2018 requires the State Tax Commission to adopt and publish guidelines, including those related to minimum standards and model policies to be followed for substantial compliance, noncompliance and technical deficiencies related to the audit of local units. The Commission is also required to adopt and publish guidelines that provide for the ability of an assessing district to protest a charge and the ability of the State Tax Commission to resolve disputes between the designated assessor and the assessing district regarding costs and charges. These guidelines are to be adopted and published not later than 2 years after the effective date of the amendatory act that added this section, such date being December 28, 2018.

The Notices of Proposed Guideline 2020-1 and 2020-2 were issued on October 1, 2020, with the public comment period closing on November 12, 2020. Comments were received and reviewed and updates to the Guidelines were made. The final Notices of Adopted Guideline are attached and will be published in the Michigan Register on December 15, 2020.  Guidelines 2020-1 and 2020-2 will also be published and available on the State Tax Commission website at
2020-2 STC Notice of Adopted Guideline - Fee Disputes with Designated Assessor.pdf
2020-1 STC Notice of Adopted Guideline - Audit Guidelines.pdf

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