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August would normally mean membership would be getting ready to attend our annual summer conference and the business meeting to be updated on the items the MAA Board has been working on this year.  As you know this pandemic has halted many of the plans for this year and at this time we are still trying to determine if we will be able to meet some place in the fall for a business meeting.   If things do not change then we will have to look at the potential for a zoom meeting.
The MAA By-laws Committee has proposed (5) changes to our by-laws that have been approved by the MAA Board for publication in the MAA Magazine.  This is a brief description of those changes.

1. Allow the subscribing member to vote on all association business.  The objective is to engage the subscribing member so they have an active role in the association and to encourage their membership.  These members possess a vast amount of knowledge that can be shared with our members and it does not change the make-up of the Executive Board. The president will appoint this position, but will now provide the individual a vote on the Board.

2. Establish a student membership class, the objective is to encourage and help new people to enter the property tax profession. This membership would be a nonvoting position and would be offered at a reduced membership fee determined by the Executive Board.  This membership would be provided an electronic copy of the magazine and make scholarships available to these individuals, and it is designed to increase membership. 

3. Establish quarterly Board of Director Meetings and to allow non-quarterly meetings to be held via video conferencing.  The proposed change is a result of the stay at home orders due to the pandemic.  This amendment would allow ongoing video meetings of the Board and require that four meetings are held with physical presence annually.  The Board member must visually be present to establish a quorum and to vote on issues presented to the Board.  This change is to encourage Board participation from Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula and to provide cost savings to the association from reduced travel for Board Members. 

4. Amend the nominating process and establish electronic voting of elected positions for Officer and Directors. Currently nominations are presented by the Nominating Committee which establishes the slate of officers, with usually only one candidate for an open position.  This amendment will provide to the Nominating Committee the ability to vet all interested individuals and eliminating the petition process. The goal is to create opportunity for increased participation on the Board and to ease the voting process for the membership. Individual candidates meeting the eligibility requirements would appear on a secret electronic ballot wherein all members can participate in the election process. At this time only members that attend the annual meeting can vote on the slate of officer.

5. President appointed Ex-Officio of all Committees, this amendment will allow the President to sit on any committee meeting and to discuss, debate and vote. 
These proposed amendment changes are to enhance the participation of our membership and to encourage the growth of our association.  I would like to thank Mr. Matthew Raftary, Chair and the By-laws Committee for all their hard work in putting together these amendments.

I hope that all of you and your families have continued to stay safe and healthy.

All my best,
John Dahlquist, President

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Proposed 2020 Bylaws Amendments

MAA Executive Board Approves Proposed Bylaws Amendments to be Presented to the Membership

At their June 22, 2020 Executive Board meeting, the Board approved the proposed amendments to the Michigan Assessors Associations Bylaws.  With the approval of the Board of Directors, the Bylaws are published for review by the general members for their comments.  The proposed amendments will be presented to the members attending the Annual Meeting for ratification.  If adopted, the amended Bylaws will take effect on January 1, 2021.

Bylaws Committee Chair, Matthew Raftary, presented the proposed the following five proposed amendments requested by the Board.

Proposal 1: Granting voting rights to Subscribing members for all association business.  
The objective is to engage subscribing members and encourage subscriber membership.  Subscribing members possess a vast amount of knowledge and experience and share many common goals and concerns of property tax professionals.  This amendment would give them an active role in the Association.  The amendment does not change the make-up of the Executive Board.  The subscribing advisory position on the Board of Directors would continue to be an appointed  position by the President but would now give that individual a vote on the Board.  Also, the proposed amendment prohibits a subscribing member from holding any other elected position on the Board.

Proposal 2: Establish a Student membership class
The objective is to increase membership in the Association as well as encourage and help new people to enter the property tax profession.  This membership status would be a nonvoting position and at a reduced membership fee established by the Board of Directors.  The membership would also provide an electronic copy of the associations magazine and make scholarship available to the individuals.

Proposal 3: Establish Quarterly Board of Directors meetings and allow non-quarterly meetings to be held via video conferencing.
Due to recent stay at home orders, the Board has been meeting via video conferencing.  This amendment would allow ongoing video meetings of the Board but require that at least four quarterly meetings be held with a physical presence to establish a quorum.  Board members must be visually present at a video conferencing meeting to establish a quorum as well as vote on any issue before the Board.  This amendment does not alter the ability of a member to attend a quarterly meeting via video conferencing pursuant to Article X, Section 5.

Proposal 4: Amend the nominating process for elected positions of Officers and Directors 
Currently nominations are made by the Nominating Committee which establishes a slate of officers typically consisting of only one candidate per open position.  This amendment would more clearly define the role of the Nominating Committee in establishing the slate of officers by vetting all interested candidates' qualifications and eliminate the nominating petition process making it easier for potential candidates to step forward.  Any individuals meeting the eligibility requirements for holding office would appear on the election ballot. The intent is to encourage more individuals to step forward and serve on the Board.

Proposal 5: Establish electronic voting for elected positions of Officers and Directors 
Currently, only those members present at the Annual Meeting can participate in the election process.  This amendment would amend the election process from the Annual Meeting and establish a secrete, electronic balloting process wherein all members can participate in the election process.

Members can direct their comments and questions regarding these proposed amendments by email to the MAA Bylaws Chair, or call 734-942-1324. The complete language of the Bylaws and amendments can be found on the MAA Website under the menu "About Us/Bylaws"

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