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There are many people that came together to put together the 47th Annual Summer Conference of the Michigan Assessors Association. This undertaking represents a tremendous amount of work and collaboration. I cannot thank enough our conference co-chairs who made this conference run so smoothly, Matthew Raftary and Linda Stevenson. They put together some great education, the fabulous Communication Symposium and some very fun conference activities. Check out the photos in this magazine’s conference section.

Thank you to everyone on the conference committee and the golf committee for all their hard work and planning. Thank you to Michael Racklyeft and the Awards Committee for their hard work putting together the Awards Breakfast. Congratulations to this year’s award winners!

I was greatly honored to be the one to inform David Heinowski, the winner of the 2019 Subscribing Member Award, that he was the last and final winner of the Robert Eckhart Subscribing Member Award. Earlier this year, the MAA Board of Directors passed a resolution renaming the Subscribing Member Award as the “David M. Heinowski Subscribing Member Award”, much to David’s surprise.

Thank you to the Communication Symposium Moderator Philip Mastin for providing an interesting and lively forum. Thank you to the participants; State Representative Julie Brixie, MTT Chairman Steven Bieda, Romulus Mayor LeRoy Burcroff, Larry Steckelberg, Bari Johnson, David Maturen and Manny Lentine for sharing their insights and experiences.
Thank you to Shila Kiander and Nathan Stein for presenting an enlightening professional speaking and communication seminar. If you missed this seminar, you may want to check out the two communications books that Shila highlighted: Can You Hear Me? How To Connect with People in a Virtual World by Nick Morgan and If I Understood you, Would I have This Look on My Face? By Alan Alda.

Finally, thank you to Keri Miles and Sean Mulchay of Michigan Department of Treasury and Leonard Kutschman of the State Tax Commission for the Treasury Property Services Division update.

Thanks to our exhibitors, attendees and sponsors. Without you, this conference would not be possible! Looking forward to Conference 2020 to be held at Shanty Creek August 9-12, 2020. Hope to see you there!!

Paula Jastifer, President

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MAA Subscribing Member Award Renamed the "David M. Heinowski" Award

Michigan Assessors Association

During the 1970’s, the Michigan Assessors Association began recognizing outstanding members of the Association with the presentation of the Most Valuable Member Award. Later, in the mid 1980’s, the Association established an award program to recognize members who have made outstanding contributions to the Association and property tax profession in other areas. It was at that time that prominent or distinguished members of our Association were named to individual awards, in some instances, honorarily.

The Subscribing Member Award was one such award. The Subscribing Member Award was named after Robert Eckhart who was the first Editor of The Michigan Assessor magazine from 1959 until his appointment as Chairman of the State Tax Commission in May of 1960.

A prominent member of the Association at the time, Mr. Eckhart never served on the Board of Directors. However, after 60 years as an organization, we have benefited from so many leaders who

have given over 30 years of continuous service to our organization and profession and who have been instrumental in defining us as a professional organization. Many have served on this Association’s Board of Directors and numerous committees and sub-committees in addition to writing and teaching at our assessing schools at all levels throughout the State. David Heinowski epitomizes this type of leader.

For over 40 years, Mr. Heinowski has been both a regular and subscribing member of this Association. He has served 17 Presidents as the Non-voting Subscribing Advisory Member on the Board of Directors bringing a wealth of institutional knowledge, insight and advice.

David has served on numerous committees and is the only subscribing member to ever chair the Conference Committee and he has always represented Michigan assessors with integrity and in an ethical and professional manner. He is also known and respected throughout the Country by his many years of involvement in the International Association of Assessing Officers and has outstanding credentials and experience as an appraiser, holding the Appraisal Institute’s MAI designation as well as a Michigan Advanced Assessment Officer designation. Dave has been recognized with this Association’s Distinguished Service Award twice, as well as being the recipient of the Robert Eckart Subscribing Member Award twice before. This year, Dave was the last person to be awarded the Robert Eckart Award, which shall now be known as the David M. Heinowski Subscribing Member Award.
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