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MAA President's Message


Happy March! 

It's almost Spring!!! and it is also "that time of year" for Assessors - March Board of Review! This also means that our year has nearly come to an end - when we can look back on all the work we've done over the last year, be proud of our accomplishments, evaluate and determine what to do better next year. With the next round of AMARs just beginning, it is a good time to take a class to find out what the STC is looking for, and to make sure we are meeting the requirements. If you haven't done so already, you will want to review the AMAR Review Sheet ( and be sure to click on all of the hyperlinks so you'll be prepared.

In January, the MAA and MAED Joint Standards Committee met to update the CAMA Data Standards, now known as version 2.0. This update was approved by both boards and a joint letter was sent to the STC requesting their adoption of these standards. The new standards add a couple class codes, and remove vendor "screenshot" references. With the State working to implement their new MEG system, data standardization will serve to help us all in our jobs in the future. If you haven't converted to these standards yet, now is a great time to do it! There are classes that can even help accomplish that task.
Finally, our room block for the 2018 Michigan Assessors Association Annual Conference, being held August 12-15, 2018, at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City, is now OPEN!!! You can make your reservation by calling (231) 946-5000 - request the Michigan Assessors Association. The toll-free number for the Park Place does not have access to group information. As I have previously mentioned, because Traverse City is a tourist town, you will want to book your room early - our block closes in early July, and the hotel has only 140 rooms.

As an incentive, those who make their reservations AND register for the conference by June 30th will be put in a drawing for a special prize, graciously donated by the Park Place. The winner will be drawn at the Annual Banquet. The Conference Committee is busy finalizing classes and other details, watch for registration forms to be available very soon!
That's all for this month, good luck at your Boards of Review!

Amy L. DeHaan, President

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2018 IAAO President Dorothy JacksI.A.A.O. President
Dorothy Jacksr, ASA

West Palm Beach, Florida

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