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Membership Categories

Michigan Assessor memberships are individual based, annual memberships which terms are from January through December.   There are three categories of membership:

Regular Membership
Regular Membership is available to any employee of any department, commission, board, bureau or agency of the state, county, city, village or township who has duties that are directly concerned with assessment administration in the State of Michigan. 
Subscribing Membership
- Subscribing Membership is available to those individuals not eligible for regular membership but interested in assessment administration and the objectives of the Association.
Lifetime Membership
- Lifetime Membership is available to a regular member who retired from active service in assessment administration. Within one (1) year after retirement, the member may petition the Board of Directors in writing for life membership status.  This membership is only available by approval of the MAA Board of Directors.

 Important Note:  Because membership is based on individuals, memberships follow the individual, regardless of who or what agency paid for the membership.

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Our Membership Base

100% Complete (success)1,493 Total Members
20% Complete1,296 Regular Members
60% Complete (warning)144 Subscribing Members
30% Complete (danger)63 Other Members
As of 09/01/2016

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